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PT. Messgerate Mandiri Success Selling Jar Test, is a general laboratory tool that simulates coagulation / flocculation with different chemical doses. The purpose of this procedure is to estimate the minimum coagulant dose needed to achieve certain water quality goals. Samples of water to be treated are placed in six bottles. Various amounts of chemicals are added to each jar, stirred, and precipitation is observed. The lowest dose of a chemical that provides a satisfactory solution is the dose used to treat water.

Jar Test has been and is an important design of drinking water treatment plants, process controls, and research tools. In the drinking water field, Jar Test is described as a "bench scale" simulation of a full scale coagulation / flocculation / sedimentation water treatment process. he test protocol tests must be designed to mirror the best possible conditions (eg coagulants and addition of chemical points, mixing of energy and time, and quality of floc) in certain full-scale water treatment plants. In other words, the Jar Test procedure is site specific and there is no standard jar test protocol. the results of the jar test are very useful for the installation operator in making adjustments to the processing process as a reaction to changes in water quality. If done correctly, and full-scale maintenance conditions are adequately represented, the Jar Test can be used to help factory operators and engineers adjust the treatment process to meet objectives or criteria with minimal costs.

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