PT. Prioritas Bangun Nusantara

Solutions Based on Need One stop shopping, simple and more competitive We provide consulting services to facilitate the search for the items needed by you. With this we can also provide with a more competitive price if the purchase is combined into a single project. Solutions that fit your needs With the experience of our people. We can suggest equipment that suits the needs of the user / operator. With this service, the error of buying equipment can be minimized, so the equipment purchased is not underspec or overspec. With our loss from buying the wrong item or the overspec can be pressed. In addition to some of our own products, B-One. We can also make the shape and size according to the circumstances or the place where the equipment is installed.   Available warranty and sparepart from us, so you will find it easier to contact service and spare parts if provided by one supplier. Here are examples of the solutions we've provided: Solution Field Education of School Practicum Lab  The props   Food & Beverage Lab Micro Biology  Quality Control Lab  Lab Research and Development   Fuel & Lubricants Fuel test  Lubricant Test   Agriculture / Plantation Lab Cultural network  Test Fertilizer  Test Soil   Weather Monitoring air pollution  Temperature and humidity   etc

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